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$2.99/ea Mixed Clearance Orange 12OZ Aerosol Spray Paint (12Pack)

The Price:
Part Number: LVPClearance-Mixed-ORANGE-12OZ
Availability: Ships Same Day
Application: Metals & Plastics
Paint Type: Acrylic Enamel
Comes with 12 Different Clearance Orange 12oz Aerosol Spray Cans. 

We have a collection of colors that we hold for quality assurance, testing purposes, and product development that must be sold! This paint is made out of the same material as our full priced cans and has a shelf life of 1 year.

Our paint uses an acrylic enamel which offers powerful surface protection from a single component. This quick dry enamel is especially useful for products made out of metal and plastic like industrial equipment, furniture, household products, and machinery. Unlike most cheap generic paint products, our paint offers a outstanding film hardness and exterior durability allowing you to quickly coat, pack and ship without compromising the integrity of your equipment. 

To Touch: 15-30/min

To Handle: 1-2/hours

For the best adhesion, pair it with our ASP 495 Industrial Grade Primer

Shipping Notes: Aerosol cans can only go UPS Ground. It is prohibited to send Next Day Air or 2 Day Air without Hazmat packaging & certification due to the possibility of aerosols combusting at high altitudes. 


Color displayed on screen may vary from the actual paint color you purchase due to different screen calibrations and to what the human eye sees as color on a digital background. Always refer back to the official standard for true color matching. 

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